What type of Services do I offer?

The Services that I offer are based on the skill sets that I excel at, combined with the features most requested by my customers.   

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the business practice of sending an Email Newsletters, to individuals that have subscribed to your Newsletter, through an Opt In box on your website. The anticipated results of contacting your Subscribers in this fashion is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.words email marketing in green and white


WordPress Website Creation

I have worked with the WordPress Platform & created websites since 2007.  Without fail, this Platform has made my every day job more enjoyable and interesting. Why? Don’t ask me; ask my clients what they think about their WP website! WordPress is not a fad. WordPress is the best option available out there, if you are really serious about your website!words wordpress website in green and white


Internet Marketing & Social Media

There are many moving parts involved in the creation and marketing of your Online Presence. Even if your company is among the few businesses whose customers do not use the Internet, most certainly those who refer to your business, use the Internet, and the same applies for your suppliers. In fact, the Internet is the starting point for most business searches! If your future customers are not able to find you online, in many cases, they simply won’t look any further.  

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